Marc Jarrett

Marc Jarrett

Saturday, 8 February 2014

China language skills ‘vital for overseas property sales’

Those interested in reaching out to Chinese prospects should do so in a language they understand - theirs!

Offshore contact center company Callnovo says its 3,000 agents in China can boost foreign real estate sales by communicating with clients in their native language
An offshore contact center company says it is vital for those selling overseas property to Chinese investors to communicate in their native language.
Callnovo, a Canadian-managed call centre provider with more than 3,000 agents in China, says agents and developers will lose sales if they don’t communicate properly with investors.
Business Development Manager, Marc Jarrett, says, “It is common knowledge that Chinese institutional investors and high net worth individuals are actively seeking out property investments overseas.   Realtors and developers who do not communicate with prospects in Cantonese or Mandarin are therefore depriving themselves of potential sales opportunities with Chinese investors.”
Callnovo, which has just opened a European office at Horsham, Sussex, in the UK, has been established for more than 10 years and works with a wide range of clients from small businesses to large multi-nationals.
Published February 6, 2014

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